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EnEco Solutions audit management systems according to the international standards, Client or legal requirements both in companies preparing for certification and those who have already been certified or are preparing for the re-audit.


  • Diagnostic audit

Our specialists will evaluate the company's documentation and current processes that plan to develop, implement, and then certify the management system.

Outcome: compliance assessment report + list of non-conformities or findings, documentation to be developed, areas for concern/improvement + development and implementation plan.

Advantage! First, a company can assess its capabilities and resources to develop and implement the management system. Second, a company may independently develop the documentation and prepare for certification, or decide on the need for external consultants.

  • Internal audit

We will deliver an internal audit of the management system by combining it with internal auditor training.

Outcome: an internal audit report that will help maintain the system, identify areas for improvement or further actions.

Advantage! Your auditors will get "internship" on how to properly perform an audit and how to behave during a certification audit.

  • Pre-certification audit

Our experts will audit the management system in order to assess the company readiness for certification (or surveillance) audit.

Outcome: compliance assessment report + list of non-conformities or findings, documentation to be developed, areas for concern/improvement.

Advantage! Your staff will participate in a rehearsal of the "certification" audit, during which we will also draw your attention on how to respond to external auditors, show the documentation right and take proper corrective actions.

  • Supplier audit

We will make an initial assessment of the supplier's available documents (or for supplier selection): product certificates, contracts with transport companies, staff competence assessment, etc. We will check the process, which is the critial for this supplier and which impacts your choice.

Outcome: supplier selection report, high risk areas when working with this supplier.

Advantage! Close liaison with the supplier and risk assessment at work

Upon request, EnEco Solutions provides training on management systems and other business solutions.

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